Decoding and the Phonics Based Approach Helped Our Children to Read

Decodable Readers Australia is a movement created by three parents and educators who decided there had to be a better way to help children who were struggling to read. In the beginning, we were mums and educators just like you, searching for a way to ignite a child’s love of reading, and ensure that our children had a foolproof pathway on their ‘learning to read’ journey.

We Set Out to Make an Impact

With decodable readers already available, we knew we had to be different in order to make the biggest impact. We are the only beginner reader series to offer 20 books in each level, allowing children to master each set of phonics before progressing. We are also the only beginner reader series to embrace the 5 essential components of learning to read, incorporate minimal sight words, and engage children in Australian themed stories.

The feedback we have received about our unique decodable readers has been extremely positive, with schools proclaiming ours are the best on the market!

The Decodable Readers Australia Vision

It is our goal and our passion to be a big part of the solution in improving literacy results around the world. In the future, we want to reach out to under privileged communities to educate their teachers and donate our resources, helping to change their students’ lives for the better.

At Decodable Readers Australia, we are dedicated to creating resources that prevent illiteracy, because we truly believe literacy has the power to break the poverty cycle. We want to share this gift with the world and this is the legacy we wish to leave behind.

Contact Our Educators for More Information About Systematic Phonics

We believe supporting parents and teachers through a child’s ‘learning to read’ journey, is just as important as supporting the child. If you have any questions about our decodable readers or our phonics based approach, please get in touch. We’ll happily answer your queries.