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The Decodable Readers Australia Series are the only reading series to provide 20 readers in each level to allow ample time to practice each group of phonics. The themes, characters, concepts and illustrations are purely Australian to help our Aussie kids, as well as friends abroad, learn about our unique country.

The Decodable Readers Australia books support a systematic approach of learning to read. This approach ensures kids are given the “right-fit” book. Decodable, or phonics-based readers only contain words made up of the sounds a child has learnt. Within each level in the Decodable Reader Australia series, a new group of sounds is introduced. As children move through each level the sounds progress from simple to complex.

The Decodable Readers Australia – Level 4 books introduce the sounds sh, ch, th (them), th (thin), qu, ng, wh, g (gent) and c (circle). All the words in each of the 20 books in level 4 are made up of these sounds and those introduced in Level 1, 2 and 3 along with minimal sight words. After having mastered the Level 1, 2 and 3 sounds and the reading skills of blending and tracking, children should have gained the confidence to read Australian stories with new words and more text on each page.

Each story in the Level 4 phonics app can be enjoyed by listening to the professional audio or read aloud with the support of tapping and hearing the word if required. The audio function can be controlled independently within each page. Both parents and teachers can continue to support children with vocab and comprehension development through using the post-reading activities provided within each story. An addition to the level 4 readers are the wide range of pre-reading activities that can be used to help set the purpose of reading.

Key Features

  • Listen to each story being read to them and using the audio function
  • Use each book to practise reading independently
  • Tap each word to hear the sounds and the word if support is needed
  • Tap to turn each page for individual reading pace
  • All Australian themes and characters
  • Beautifully illustrated with detail for engagement and enjoyment

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