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Aligning the NSW Suggested Scope and Sequence with Decodable Readers

As many NSW educators are aware, the draft NSW English K-2 syllabus was released along with a suggested Phonics Scope and Sequence.  Since then we have been inundated with questions around how to align DRA's (Decodable Readers Australia) resources and scope and sequence with the new curriculum and the suggested NSW Scope and Sequence. To make it easier for NSW educators we have adapted the suggested NSW scope and Sequence and DRA's scope and sequence and have produced an alignment Scope and Sequence that can be used so that resources match up effectively. You can download the aligned Scope and Sequence here:  Kindergarten - Early Stage 1 - NSW Department + DRA Scope and Sequence Year 1 & 2 - Stage...

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A parent's right to ask....'How do you teach reading at your school?'

Working as a literacy coach I often have family and friends ask me advice about what school they should send their children to that teaches reading well......Being so passionate about evidence based instruction, I often overwhelm them with information about the research and how important this type of approach is to all beginner readers....and usually it all goes way over their heads.  I have now learnt to educate my friends and family about the key words they should look for as parents when asking a school how they teach reading. Usually a principal will answer in three ways and it is important to pick up on key words to try and interpret their responses, but in short, let me be blunt (in blue) and help you. ...

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