How to Help Your Child Choose the Right Phonics-Based Book

How to Help Your Child Choose the Right Phonics-Based Book

Make sure it’s a book that interests them

If you are finding it hard to engage your child with phonics-based readers, it’s not because they don’t like reading, they’re just not reading the right book. The same goes for their favourite movies. A movie will only become their favourite because it is based on a story line that involves topics, people or places that interest them. Our decodable reader series are the only beginner series to offer 20 books within each level. Each book is written with the intent to engage your child in fun and interesting stories. We do this with level appropriate phonics and words as well as incorporating beautiful Australian imagery. Currently our levels range from 1 to 6 giving you a wide range of topics to keep your child interested throughout their ‘learning to read’ journey.

Make sure the book is age/level appropriate

At Decodable Readers Australia, we believe the secret to creating a confident reader, is giving your child a book they can actually read! This means choosing a phonics-based book that matches the level of your child’s reading ability. Our levels make this easy, by starting at the beginning in level one with just s, a, t, p, i and n. As your child explores each of the 20 books, they have the opportunity to gain a solid understanding of these phonics before moving on to the next level. As our levels go up, they continue to build on what your child has learned in the previous level, whilst also introducing new phonics for them to master.

Contact Decodable Readers Australia to Choose the Right Phonics-Based Book

We understand getting started can be hard, which is why we also include information for parents and educators in all our printed levels and apps. If you would like advice on which level to choose for your child, please contact our educators. We’re happy to help!

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