Is There an Age Limit to Introducing a Phonics-Based Reading Approach?

It’s important to mention that every child’s learning journey and ‘learning to read’ journey is different and will also progress differently. Here are some literacy development milestones that you can use as a guide to introduce books and phonics into your child’s routine.

 From birth

 One to three years

Between the ages of one and three you’ll find your child will become more interested in books and you may even find them pretending to read. They’ll also become more involved with language, songs and rhymes and begin to recognise their own name, short words and trademarks.

Three to five

Children may start to take more of an interest in writing words. This is a great opportunity to encourage phonics by focusing on the sounds they can hear and what they might look like. They may also start to favour particular books and remember their favourite books by name.

Above all Else, Follow Their Lead

The best way to support your child through their ‘learning to read’ journey – no matter how old they are – is to follow their lead. When it comes to introducing children to phonics-based books, the best thing you can do is present them with books they can relate to or books they are interested in. Our decodable reader series are written with exactly this in mind. We’ve created a beginner reader series with engaging content and beautiful Australian imagery to suit a wide range of interests.

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