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What are decodable books?

A decodable reader is a book that contains only phonetic code that the student has already learned. Decode means to crack. That’s exactly what children must learn to do to become successful readers – crack the code! Systematic phonics has been proven time and time again as the most effective way to teach reading. If children can’t decode the words on a page they will fail in their journey to access text.

Why do I need Decodable Readers?

When ready, children must be taught knowledge of letters and sounds and the skills of sounding and blending. But this is not enough to know how to read.

A child can read independently once they have been taught the phonics at a specific level in your classroom. The knowledge and skills must be practised over and over to achieve mastery. Without decodable readers, this practise cannot take place.

With a step-by-step progression, the pupil succeeds at each level while learning the phonics needed to become a fluent reader. This approach develops confident readers with reliable reading strategies.

Want to know the secret to getting kids to read?

How can I use the Decodable Readers Australia series in my classroom?

  • As Primary Resource to Teach Reading
  • A Resource to Support an Explicit Phonics Program
  • As Fun and Engaging Take-Home Readers
  • As a Resource to Implement Guided Reading Sessions

Sight words

What are ‘sight words’?
A sight word is a word that can be effortlessly read when seen. This gives the impression that the reader does not decode it.
However, it is unreasonable to expect children to master words with advanced code, as well as learn the sounds taught through a systematic, synthetic phonics approach.

Should words be taught by sight?
The simple answer is ‘no’. Children must learn that there is only one strategy required to read unfamiliar words. That strategy is to decode. Telling them to sometimes decode but sometimes try to remember the word as one whole unit can be very confusing.

Can I use Decodable Readers with PM readers?

We understand that the PM levelled system provides an easy reference point to assist teachers in selecting reading material for their students.

However, the ways in which this system levels books are based on things such as length of words, sentence structure, use of punctuation, amount of text and size of font. This approach was developed during the ‘whole language’ era of teaching reading.