How to Use Our Readers?

How can I use the Decodable Readers Australia Series in my classroom?

A Primary Resource to Teach Reading

  • Use the Phonemic Awareness teacher guide in Level 1 to check each child is ready to begin learning written representations of sounds
  • Teach the sounds using the order shown in our books
  • Use the 20 books in each level to give children lots of practise blending each set of sounds and to develop fluency
  • Use the comprehension questions in the back of each book to check for understanding
  • Use the new vocab word introduced in each book to structure the teaching of explicit vocabulary
  • Use the pre-reading activity in each book to develop the skills of phonemic awareness, guided reading, fluency and prior knowledge
  • Use the photocopiable sounds in the back of each teacher guide to create individual sets of sounds to allow children the opportunity to say, blend and manipulate the sounds in words
  • Use the sight words printed in the beginning of each book to build a sight word list for children to practise
  • Use the App for each level as additional practise both in school and at home

A Resource to Support an Explicit Phonics Program

  • The order of sounds introduced within our readers is closely aligned to many high-quality programs that teach systematic and explicit phonics
  • Our readers are the perfect fit for providing children with the opportunity to practise reading words using the sounds that they have learnt
  • Our readers tell fun and engaging stories using great Aussie characters
  • Unlike many other beginner reader series, each of our levels includes 20 books which gives children lots of opportunity to practise the sounds that they have learnt

Fun and Engaging Take-home Readers

  • The stories in our books are fun, engaging, written using Aussie themes and help to ensure that home reading can be enjoyed by both children and parents
  • The pre-reading and post-reading activities in each of our books provides parents and care-givers with additional information which they can use to support children in their learning journey
  • The comprehension questions at the back of each book help parents and care-givers to check that children have gained meaning from the text
  • The new word introduced in each book provides an opportunity to have fun learning new vocab
  • Our books systematically introduce new groups of sounds to help teachers and parents ensure that children can be successful when reading at home

A Resource to Implement Guided Reading Sessions

  • Our big books provide the perfect teaching resource for conducting small group literacy sessions
  • Our readers can be purchased as class sets which provide 6-12 copies of each book title to allow children in small groups to have their copy to read, track and be guided from.

A Resource to Teach Children About Australia

  • The characters in our books are all Australian animals
  • The themes of our books are Australian and the places the characters visit are all in Australia
  • Children can use our books to learn about
    – Geographical places in Australia such as the beach, the rainforest and the desert
    – Aussie past times such as going to the beach, having picnics in the park, bushwalking, road trips and camping
    – Australian occupations such as lifesavers, rangers, vets, athletes and sport coaches
    – Famous Aussie brands and foods such as Tim Tams, lamingtons, pies, fish and chips, jam drops and watermelon
    – Popular Australia sports such as swimming, boxing, BMX riding, cricket, tennis, AFL, Little Athletics and martial arts.