Why do I need Decodable Readers?

Why do I need Decodable Readers?

Systematic Phonics Is the Most Effective Way to Teach Reading

Decode means to crack. That’s exactly what children must learn to do to become successful readers – crack the code! Systematic phonics has been proven time and time again as the most effective way to teach reading.  If children can’t decode the words on a page they will fail in their journey to access text.

When ready, children must be taught knowledge of letters and sounds and the skills of sounding and blending. But this is not enough to know how to read. The knowledge and skills must be practised over and over to achieve mastery. Without decodable readers, this practise cannot take place.

Just like teaching a child to swim. Children are taught what kicking, paddling and breathing are, and how to combine these skills. However, without consistent, regular practise they will not become a proficient swimmer.

Decodable readers are the conduit between phonics and reading. Without them, the child may need ‘floaties’ forever!

Our Decodable Readers Offer More

Our decodable readers offer more, being the only beginner reading series to:

  • Embrace the 5 essential components of learning to read – phonemics awareness, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary and fluency
  • Include 20 books in each level
  • Ensure only minimal sight words are used within the text
  • Engage children in Australian themed stories

We also provide essential knowledge for teachers and parents through guided instruction booklets and activities within each level.

Contact Decodable Readers Australia for Further Information

If you would like further information on the effectiveness of systematic phonics or you require advice on choosing the right level for your child, please get in touch. Our educators are happy to answer your queries.