‘The SECRET of getting kids to read..... Give them books they CAN actually read!’

Beginner readers need beginner books that are interesting and engaging.

Welcome to Decodable Readers Australia.

We have created a series of learn to read books, that are designed to be matched to a child’s developing phonic knowledge. With 20 books in each level, children are extensively supported as they master each stage of reading. Our readers have been carefully designed to incorporate the development of phonemic awareness, phonics, comprehension, vocabulary and fluency. Children will love getting to know Nat and her Aussie pals as they travel and explore Australia.

Children will not learn to read if they cannot decode words. Decoding is knowing the letters, or groups of letters that represent the sounds that we can hear. The more sounds a child can recognise, the more words they are able to read. We can surround children with wonderful books that tell amazing stories and facts, but if these books are made up of words with sounds that children cannot recognise, they will fail to read independently.

Information for Educators