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How Can You Help Your Child To Read?

A parent never considers the process of learning to read until they start teaching their own children at home. Learning to read is not a simple process and is one that requires proper teaching of various skills and strategies. For your child to become a successful reader, you will need to ensure that the sounds of the English language are taught explicitly and are practised.

How Do I Choose The Right Level For My Child?

The level of your child’s reading and their age will determine a starting point for choosing a suitable level. These guidelines are applicable if children have been taught using explicit phonics. Use the general guidelines below.

Book Level School Year/Grade Chronological Age
Development of Phonological Awareness Skills - Resource: Tune Into The Sounds Of Reading Kit Prep/Kindergarten Term 1 4 years 7 months - 5 years 7 months
Early Readers Prep/Kindergarten Term 2 4 years 10 months - 5 years 10 months
Level 1 Readers Prep/Kindergarten Term 2 4 years 10 months - 5 years 10 months
Level 2 Readers Prep/Kindergarten Term 3 5 years 1 months - 6 years 1 months
Level 3 Readers Prep/Kindergarten Term 4 5 years 4 months - 6 years 4 months
Level 4 Readers Year/Grade 1 Term 1 5 years 7 months - 6 years 10 months
Level 5 Readers Year/Grade 1 Term 2 5 years 10 months - 7 years 1 months
Level 6 Readers Year/Grade 1 Term 3 6 years 1 months - 7 years 1 months
Level 7 Readers Year/Grade 1 Term 4 6 years 4 months - 7 years 4 months
Level 8 Readers Year/Grade 2 Term 1 6 years 7 months - 7 years 7 months

Why Decodable Readers Australia?

Our readers are fun, engaging, written using Australian themes that help to ensure that home reading can be enjoyed by both children and parents. Our readers systematically introduce new groups of sounds to help teachers and parents ensure that children can be successful when reading at home.

Our readers include pre-reading and post-reading activities which provides parents and caregivers with additional information which they can use to support children in their ‘learning to read’ journey.

Each level comes with a complimentary teacher guide which allows parents to learn more about phonics, phonemic awareness, activating prior knowledge, guided reading and fluency and the impact these have on a child’s ability to read.

Learn To Read From Home With Our Online Library or Our Apps

Our online library or apps ensure your child can continue to learn to read from home. With multiple functions, allowing children to read independently, to be read to, and the ability to tap words to hear each sound.

With the addition of pre-reading and post-reading activities, our digital platforms give parents the resources they need to assist and guide children as they read.

An Online Library with
a Difference!

Join the online library that caters for teachers, students, parents and tutors. All of our much loved readers now accessible on any device with a simple login. PLUS loads of resources for teachers implementing a systematic, synthetic approach to phonics.

  • Easy online web-based access - Any device
  • Perfect for home and classroom use
  • Keep track of progress
  • Interactive support features for students
  • Phonics, spelling and morphology introduction lessons for F-2
  • 354 decodable books (Fiction, Non-fiction, Early Readers, Decodable Tales and Chapter Books)
  • Fun & engaging learning videos (Phonemic Awareness and Phonics)
  • Printable workbooks, resources and much more!
  • Memberships starting from $29.95 a month

Student Platform

Teacher Platform

Parents & Tutors

Parent/Tutor packages support a one on one learning platform with access to all 354 readers across 8 levels (including all 4 series of books), interactive learning videos and a fun and engaging interface.

The library includes opportunities to learn letter sound correspondences in a systematic and progressive way moving towards cumulative practise using the interactive readers. An essential product for any beginner reader. (Phone devices not recommended for books due to size).


Schools & Teachers

Our school packages support educators in their systematic synthetic phonics approach while providing the ability to assign readers to all their students, meeting their skill level.

Schools have access to all 354 readers across 8 levels, interactive learning videos, professional learning, printable resources and student tracking tools. (Subscription includes access to all 4 series of books)


A Tour of The Online Library

School Subscriptions

Parent Subscriptions

Why Should I Consider the Decodable Readers Australia Online Library?

  • Access for teachers, students, parents and tutors
  • Many tools to support beginner readers (and struggling readers)
  • Many tools to support educators implementing a structured, synthetic phonics approach
  • Professional Learning aligned to the ‘Science of Reading’
  • Book allocation feature - all 354 readers across 8 levels
  • Progress monitoring
  • Accessible on any device
  • Ideal for independent reading at home and in the classroom, small group guided practise, whole class instruction and one on one tutoring

Our Much Loved and Trusted Readers Become Interactive in our Online Library With Features Including

Letter/Sound correspondence learning

‘Sounding Out’ audio on each word via a simple click (when students get stuck)

‘Read to Me’ audio (to hear what a fluent reader sounds like)

Easy to use navigation

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5/6
Level 7/8