Tune Into The Sounds Of Reading - Series 4

Episode 1: How Can We Maximise Instructional Time To Develop Phonological Awareness Skills? It is important that we maximise instructional time when it comes to adding Phonological Awareness to our programs. Learn how 5-7 minute oral drills, that use targeted skills and a flexible resource, can set a strong foundation and also allow time in a schedule to progress these skills alongside grapheme/phonics. Also learn why spending more time on the sub skill of Phonemic Awareness will maximise results. In the video I refer to the following research report: https://www.thereadingleague.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Brady-Expanded-Version-of-Alphabetics-TRLJ.pdf
Episode 2: What is Phonological Awareness? Why Is It Important? How Do You Teach It? Do you know the difference between Phonological Awareness and Phonemic Awareness? Do you know how these are connected? Do you know why they are important in the process of learning to read? Most importantly, do you know which skills are most crucial and where to spend instructional time to maximise success? This video will help educators get an understanding of the most crucial skills in the 'learning to read' process and also show you how our 'Tune Into The Sounds of Reading' Kit supports the development of these skills.