SOR Snippets and Teaching Tips - Series 2

An Introduction to The Science of Reading This is a very basic introduction to the Science of Reading and we encourage you to journey with us as we dive deeper into these concepts. Explore instructional approaches aligned to research.
Episode 1: 10 Multisensory Blending Activities For Beginner Readers These 10 activities can add an element of fun and engagement to the practising of blending sounds to read words. The ultimate goal is to develop confident readers that can orthographically map words. Try some of these blending activities at word level for extra practise!
Episode 2: How Words Work - The Importance of 'Part To Whole' Did you know that Mr Potato Head can teach us something about how words work? 😉 Synthetic Phonics is crucial when teaching students to read. It is imperative that we teach the parts (letter/sound correspondences) to whole (blending to make words).
Episode 3: Decoding and Encoding - What's the difference? It is so important that we know the difference between decoding and encoding and how integrated they must be when first learning to read and spell. Don't forget to download your free infographic poster explaining the difference between the two. This can be found in our 'Free Resources' page on our website.
Episode 4: What is Orthographic Mapping? There's often confusion around this very important cognitive process that is required to become a skilled reader. ORTHOGRAPHIC MAPPING is not a teaching strategy in itself but a process of the brain that is brought to us by the research of Dr. Linnea Ehri. Learn some important teaching strategies for your classroom practise that will strengthen the orthographic mapping development of your young learners.
Episode 5: How To Start Your 'Science of Reading' Journey - 3 Key Strategies Are you interested in the 'Science of Reading' but not sure where to start? This video will give you the 3 key steps to help you begin your 'Science of Reading' journey.
Episode 6: The Truth About BLENDS 'Blends' should be considered a VERB rather than a NOUN. Discover how teaching the traditional understanding of 'Blends' can be problematic when learning to read. Learn an effective approach to teaching students to decode all words including consonant clusters.
Episode 7: The Truth About DIGRAPHS Too often the concept of 'Digraphs' is confused or taught ineffectively. This video will bring clarity to the concept and give effective strategies for teaching it. It will also make you a more informed consumer when looking for the right resources to use.
Episode 8: Supporting Beginner Spellers Whole word memorisation has been proven to be an ineffective method of learning to read or spell. This one little activity will support your beginner spellers using the effective method of 'Sound to Print'. Students need to investigate words and understand that words are made up of sounds and those sounds are represented by letters. Download your freebie in our 'Free Resources' page.
Episode 9: Aligning Your Books to The Reading Rope Episode 9: Dr Scarborough's theoretical model of the Reading Rope can help us determine what books are best for supporting students learning to read. Dive deeper in your understanding of the reading rope through great resources listed on the YouTube description!
Episode 10: How to Take Your Parent Community on Your 'SoR' Journey Parents play an important role in a child's learning journey and it is important that they have the knowledge to best support their child. It is also important that children are receiving a consistent message between school and home. This video takes you through 5 key considerations in taking your parent community on your SoR journey. Example Links in YouTube description.
Episode 11: How A Principal Can Be A SoR Change Maker This wonderful interview with principal Greg Clements gives us valuable insight in how change can happen at school level. Mr Clements tells us about the practical strategies that he used in his school.
Episode 12: Your Checklist For Reading Success This video will take you through 8 core components to add to your reading program for reading success.... and we will suggest resources to support them!
The 'Science of Reading' Pop Quiz! Test Your SoR Knowledge For a Bit of Fun! Whether you've just heard about the Science of Reading or you've been on the journey for a little while, this POP Quiz is a bit of fun (and learning) for your staff. It covers some of the beginner concepts around reading research. Download your Answer Sheet from our 'Free Resources' page on our website.