SOR Learning Lounge

An Introduction to The Science of Reading This is a very basic introduction to the Science of Reading and we encourage you to continue to explore instructional approaches aligned to this research.
Episode 1: What are Decodable Readers? Are they a necessity for your classroom? Our new Director of Education, Camilla, explains how decodable readers work and why they are so important when teaching students to read.
Episode 2: Busting The Myths of Decodable Readers! Our Director of Education, Camilla, is busting 3 common myths about decodable readers. Not all readers are boring, have poor vocabulary and no storylines! Tune in to find out why!
Episode 3: 7 Uses for Decodable Readers Did you know that Decodable Readers can be used in multiple ways to support a structured literacy approach? Learn 7 different uses for decodable readers and how Decodable Readers Australia is here to support you.
Episode 4: When Should I Stop Using Decodable Readers? Decodable Readers are a necessity for the learning to read process. We often get asked when should a child stop using decodable readers. This video addresses this common question.
Episode 5: Sight Words - What Are They and How Do I Teach Them? Discover the evidence based methodology for teaching new high frequency words to young learners. Learn the 4 step teaching process leading to successful orthographic mapping of words.