Main Fiction Level 4 - Classroom Guided Reading Set (6 sets)

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Classroom Guided Reading Set - 6x Level 4 – Books 1 – 20
120 Books – 6 copies of each Level Four title

In Level 4 we further explore reading fluency. Reading fluency is the crucial link between decoding and comprehension. Children must have complete control over the processing of the text, so they can focus on developing deeper meaning.

Each Level 4 book contains a pre-reading, teacher directed fluency activity and an introduction to the sight words within each story.

The post-reading activities have been provided to ensure that children have made connections and understood the text, and to explicitly teach new vocabulary.

Introduces: sh, ch, th (them), th (thin), qu, ng, wh, g (gent), c (circle)
Level 4 - Books 1 - 20