Nonfiction Level 6 - Individual Set

$80.00 AUD

INDIVIDUAL SET - Nonfiction Readers (Level 6)

10 Books – 1 copy of each title

This set of Nonfiction Readers have been created to give children the opportunity to master the identification of the letter/sounds oi, oy, oo (book), oo (moon), ou (loud), ow (cow), er, ur, ir, ar, or, (Level 6 sounds x 10 books) and how to blend and read words using these letter/sounds.

These books contain a slightly lower word count than our Primary Readers (main fiction series) and slightly different sight words (the nonfiction sight word list can be downloaded on our Free Resources page)

All nonfiction books contain pre reading discussion points to build knowledge and  post-reading comprehension questions to also check for understanding.

Want to see a sample book inside? Check out our samples PDF downloads here:

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