Extended Code Complete INDIVIDUAL Set (Phonics Focus Stories, Facts and Chapter Books)

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Extended Code Complete Individual Set (Phonics Focus Stories, Facts and Chapter Books)

1 x 14 chapter books

1 x 44 stories

1 x 44 Fun Facts

Once students have a good understanding of the basic code that represents the speech sounds of English, it's time to explore alternative spellings for these sounds.

Our Extended Code Chapters Series offers a range of beginner chapter books that have a phonics focus. This allows students to read engaging stories while practicing words with a focus sound and alternative spellings. The focus graphemes are coloured in the words to assist students decoding and mapping the phoneme/grapheme correspondences. We have 14 engaging chapter books in Set 1 of our Extended Code Chapters Series. We also provide a screener as a guideline to choosing what books would be more useful to focus on.  See the screener and sample here:


Our Extended Code Phonics Focus Stories and Fun Facts are printed on double sided dry erase flexi board (folded) so that students have the ability to use whiteboard markers and mark the words with different spellings.  The inside displays the full text/story and the back has comprehension questions and a Tier 2 vocabulary word. See sample here: Stories Sample Here  Fun Facts Sample Here

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