Early Readers SPARKLE Kit - Top Up Addition

$80.00 AUD

Systematic Phonics and Reading Knowledge Levelled Evaluation - EARLY READERS SPARKLE Assessment  - Top Up Kit

This product is an addition for your SPARKLE Assessment Kit. We have new Early Reader Evaluation books/stories to use in conjunction with the current SPARKLE Kits.
These books are used to collect important diagnostic data on either your vulnerable students that require a simpler text for assessment, or your foundation students accessing the upper levels (more complex code) that require a simpler text based on their reading stamina and abilities.
These Early Reader evaluations assist you in collecting and analysing:
🌟decoding skills at text application level (matching our Early Reader Series)
🌟oral reading fluency rate
🌟story retell
🌟literal comprehension ability
This top up kit includes 8 Early Reader decodable books, Level 1-8 (physical books), plus a digital copy of the recording sheets and NEW updated SPARKLE handbook (digital).

This kit also includes adjusted screener recording sheets (digitally) to use with your current screener books from the original SPARKLE Kits. This is to test students phonics knowledge and decoding ability to CVC and CCVC/CVCC words (not full screener). The handbook has the full explanation (also provided digitally).

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