Download the SPARKLE Kit Recording Sheets

Below are the downloadable recording sheets for our SPARKLE Kit, Systematic Phonics and Reading Knowledge Levelled Evaluation. We have our Main Fiction (Full Version Evaluations), Main Fiction (Shortened Evaluations), and our Early Reader version. The screener recording sheets are also in the downloadable files.

SPARKLE Kit Teacher Evaluation Guide


SPARKLE Kit Main Fiction recording sheets (Full Version)


SPARKLE Kit Main Fiction recording sheets (Shortened Version)

*** Please note, our shortened version of the Main Fiction Reading Evaluation allows the child to read part of text and the teacher to read aloud to finish the book. We have adjusted the formulas so that you still get an accurate decoding percentage and enough data to analyse at text level. The comprehension questions are then labelled as 'Reading Comprehension' if the child gets the answer from the text THEY read or 'Language Comprehension' if the answer is from what the TEACHER read.

SPARKLE Kit Early Readers recording sheets

The Early Reader Screeners and Evaluation texts are intended for your more vulnerable learners as a way to determine if they should move up to the next Early Reader text level. We do not want to hold students in lower levels for too long as it is important that they continue to develop code knowledge, just on a simpler text. Please note that these modified assessments are using more controlled texts and may not meet minimum standards of some states' curriculum standards.

*** Please note that the Early Reader screeners are reduced to just the skills needed to procced to the more controlled text and not the full screener that is found in the Main Fiction section.


How Do I Collect Data Based On The SPARKLE Kit?

We have created a FREE downloadable data recordinging tool using Excel. The package has embedded formulas to help analyse your data. Please visit our Learning Lounge for a PL video about analysing the SPARKLE Kit Data. Also see the Flow Charts below.

SPARKLE Kit Digital Data Recording Package


Systematic Phonics and Reading Knowledge Levelled Evaluation

Learning to read is a complex process. Consequently, teachers need to be adequately equipped with sophisticated tools that allow them to accurately and efficiently ascertain each individual student’s developmental reading progression.

The SPARKLE Assessment Kit is the most comprehensive reading assessment tool currently available in Australia that provides teachers with materials to evaluate the explicit teaching of systematic, synthetic phonics. When students are taught to read using a systematic introduction of the English code they consequently need to be assessed in the same way. This is the first opportunity teachers have had to evaluate the reading skills of their students using an assessment tool that aligns with a structured literacy approach.

Sample GTMJ (Guide To Making Judgements)

This GTMJ is just a guide to show that grading is not just about a 'level' but about 'skills of reading'. Use this GTMJ as a guide for making your own school's version matching your state's curriculum outcomes.


Decision Making Flow Charts

These flowcharts were made as a guide to assist with decisions around levelling, and intervention.

Flow Charts Level 1-8