Main Fiction Level 7/8 - Classroom Guided Reading Set (6 sets)

$792.00 AUD

CLASSROOM GUIDED READING SET - Main Fiction Level 7/8 – Books 1 – 20
20 Books – 6 copies of each title

Level 7 & 8 includes a complimentary teacher guide on Checking for Understanding explaining the questioning techniques that can be used to ensure children have derived meaning from the text. To comprehend, children must be able to decode the words, make connections between what they read and what they already know and think deeply about what they are reading.

Level 7 & 8 are a combined set of 20 books which introduce more complex sounds, new vocabulary and include a reduced number of pictures to build confidence in reading longer texts. The pre-reading activities help to activate prior knowledge and introduce new vocab. The post-reading activities include questions to ensure children have comprehended the text and a revision of new vocab.

Introduces: a_e, e_e, i_e, o_e, u_e, a (baby), e (we), y (funny), i (find), y (sky), o (go), aw (draw), ew (drew), ou (touch), air (chair), are (dare), ear (pear), eer (cheer), ore (more), dge (edge), tch (match)
Level 7/8 - Books 1 - 20